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Emotional Freedom Therapy

Emotional Freedom Therapy is a body-based somatic therapy that can release emotional or physical pain and can help you make changes you wish to make in your life.  

Tapping on specific points on the head and upper torso can have a profoundly relaxing effect and, when combined with placing your attention on emotional or physical discomfort allows that to release. 

EFT is based on an understanding of Chinese acupuncture that energy runs through the body in meridian lines.  Emotional and physical pain results from this flow of energy being blocked or constricted.  Tapping on specific points where each of these major energy lines runs close to the surface of the body and close to a bone, can stimulate the flow and release stuck held energy and pain. 

Therapy using EFT

EFT as a therapy approach will use tapping often through the session.  We will work together starting with exploring the current problem and identifying your goals for therapy.  We may focus first on what is going on now in your life, and then explore to find when the pattern began. 


We may focus on relating a specific issue to how you are feeling in your body (pain, agitation, muscle tension or other sensations) as well as the thoughts and emotions you are feeling.  These are known as aspects of the issue.   


A session can include exploring to find specific events and memories that are related to your issue, and tapping to release held energy gently and thoroughly.


Therapy works best when you also do your own work.  Many people find that this becomes something they can use for a range of upsets or physical pains that arise during their daily life. 


Therapy live online


Burlington, Ontario
Tel: 647-923-2770

I would be pleased to have a free half hour phone call to find if we are a fit to work together

Deep and long-lasting changes can be accomplished safely, effectively, and without pain. 
EFT has been shown to be particularly effective for :  
  • Anxiety and depression: results shown in clinical trials

  • Stress, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder.    

  • Pain/ physical ailments, including chronic pain 

  • Phobias and fears: Specific fears such as fear of public speaking, flying, fear of spiders, small animals.

  • Core Limiting Beliefs can be released such as “not good enough”, “I don’t deserve”, or “I’m not loveable”. Clearing specific related events and body feelings can transform these.

  • Weight Loss: release food cravings; heal feelings and limiting beliefs that lead to ‘emotional eating’

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