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About Marg

Margaret Hux,   Registered Psychotherapist (CRPO #9060)


Diploma in Spiritual Psychotherapy (Transformational Arts College)

Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner (NeftTI Toronto)

Spiritual Director (Transformational Arts College)
Prayer Therapy, Breakthrough Connection (Teachings of Intuitional Metaphysics)


I grew up on a farm and then a small town in Ontario with lots of space for introspection.  I always loved reading and learning philosophy, psychology, and the puzzle of life.  I was always pulled between learning and working with people and with the abstract, and after school, I worked in medical research for over 25 years. 

Through that time, my interest in reading and exploring spiritual teachings led to practicing meditation, a long study of the Course in Miracles, and then over six years did training with a New Thought experiential teaching.  This was my spiritual journey of growing closer to the God of my understanding, and learning to connect, and to be guided and supported by Spirit.   

I started using Emotional Freedom Techniques (also called EFT) for stress relief in my job over 18 years ago.  After finding that this strange process of tapping was magic for releasing stress and angers, pain and fear, I would tap with colleagues, family and friends for physical or emotional pain.  Magic at my fingertips!! 

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At one point when I was having some difficult life changes with death of a very close friend at the same time that work and family life were changing radically, I decided to embrace EFT at a deeper level for my own healing and to be able to help others.  In an intensive 10-month training, I learned to go beyond releasing current distress to address a specific goal; to find and release current pain, to identify core traumatic events and to release the “charge” around these; to find core beliefs that we decided when those things happened and to change those for a new experience, and to support someone in making desired life changes.  I realized at that time, without becoming a licensed health care worker I cannot help those with trauma or serious mental or physical health issues.  This happened as I was deciding to leave full time medical research and I began my training in psychotherapy and in Spiritual Direction.

I am now a Registered Psychotherapist and am blessed in maintaining a small amount of time supporting health economic research.  Additional training includes Spiritual Direction, understanding trauma and its treatment, and hypnosis and working with Spirit and past life regression.  I continue to study, learn, and participate in advanced training in psychotherapy in order to better serve my clients. 

I would be honoured to support you as a guide and witness in your journey.  If you may be interested, I would be glad to offer a free half hour phone call in which we can decide whether we may be a good fit to work together

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