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Spiritual Psychotherapy

I use a somatic energy-based spiritual and trauma-informed approach to psychotherapy.  Although we may hear and even resonate with the understanding that we are a Spiritual Being having a human experience, that human experience can at times be very difficult.  A supportive relationship in therapy can help.

Many of our current patterns started as ways to cope in earlier life events, and these patterns are no longer helpful and now hold us back, and as trauma can be having lasting effects.  It can be hard to change patterns and although we are aware of some of our thoughts and beliefs, most of these are outside of our awareness and held in subconscious mind.  

I believe that as we become consciously aware of our thoughts, feelings and their origins, these change to be more peaceful.  Within a safe therapeutic relationship, there are a number of different modalities and methods to bring that awareness and release emotional and physical pain and allow one to express and to make new choices. 


Talk therapy 

I use a client-centred humanistic approach.  Most important is an accepting space for you to explore what is happening in your life, to share your story and your feelings and thoughts, and consider new ways of being. 

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

CBT is based on the understanding that patterns of thinking and acting are hold feelings such as depression and anxiety in place.   With CBT we work to understand patterns of thought, behaviours underlying what you are wanting to change; challenge the thoughts and change the behaviours.  CBT focuses on the here-and now and this is often an important start to the work and for some people it feels comfortable to keep this as the focus.

Exploring family pattern origins and early adverse events

Family patterns and early adverse events are often where current patterns began.  We can explore where earlier in your life these started, and how this helped you cope at the time.  Core beliefs and patterns learned at that time may no longer be serving you.  Bringing awareness to memories or to the origin of these patterns is part of releasing and healing these.

Therapy live online or in person


Burlington, Ontario
Tel: 647-923-2770

I would be pleased to have a free half hour phone call to find if we are a fit to work together

I work with adults who may have
  • Anxiety, Stress

  • Depression

  • Trauma and PTSD

  • Communication and relationship issues

  • Life transitions

  • Grief and Loss

  • Chronic Pain

  • Emotional Disturbance, Coping Skills

  • Issues with Self-Esteem, Self-Value, Self-Confidence

  • Talk Therapy

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy

  • Explore family patterns and adverse events

  • Communication and relationship issues

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, Tapping)

  • Hypnosis/ Guided imagery

  • Spiritual modalities 

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, Tapping)

Tapping on specific spots on your face and torso have a strong relaxing effect and can help to release tension and stress.  When this is used along with exploring your thoughts and feelings it is an effective way to work with stress, anxiety, depression, trauma and chronic pain.

Hypnosis / Guided Imagery

Much of our experience is held below the level of our awareness, and hypnosis processes can be used to relax the analyzing mind to understand thought and feeling patterns at a deeper level.   Sometimes people find that they are “of two minds” or may find that at some level they are critical of themselves, and it can be helpful to become more aware of these inner conflicting parts.

Our inner child, inner critical voice, and subpersonalities are all ways that we have learned to cope with life situations and the many roles that we have in life, but these learned patterns may no longer be serving us. 

The meditative approach can deepen awareness to identify early life events where patterns originate.

Spiritual Modalities

As a spiritual being, you are connected to the wisdom and love of Universal Energy, whether you think of this as God or angels, or in other ways.  If you choose, we can invite in this divine help as part of our work.

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