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The nine steps of Affirmative Prayer
The following steps can be used to help structure a prayer

For your own situation, write out a prayer in the following steps, and then read it back with feeling, release and let it go.  These steps can be remembered as the mnemonic 

     TRUCHATR - then silence... 


T – Title. 

State the specific manifestation for which you are praying (treating) - specific, clear, and detailed. 

Start by praying to know what to pray for.  Is your will in alignment with your Highest Self and with Divine Will?  Become very clear that what you intend to bring into manifestation is in harmony with God’s will. 

State the intent only in the positive, and in the present. Not “I will move out of poverty” but “I am prosperous now”.  Do not ‘outline’ – don’t tell God how, just be really clear about what you desire.  Leave room for Spirit to align the form with highest wisdom and we allow that Spirit may know better than we the perfect outcome.  End the title with … “All this, or better, now.”


R – Recognition

Recognize the qualities of God, particularly those in alignment with the solution to your prayer. 

In the Realm of Spirit, the perfect Good that we wish to manifest in the physical is already present. 

God is Good and only Good and all qualities of Good are aspects of God.  God is the answer to this apparent need.  Become very clear and certain of this, by reminding yourself of the specific qualities of God and of Universal Truth that relate to your specific issue.  Name the specific qualities of the Divine that you are intending to bring into the situation. 

Example, God is Love; God is Divine Order and Timing. God is Wholeness, Respect, Value.  God is infinite Abundance in all forms (specify the exact form that you wish to manifest).


U – Unification

Since we are each a Divine Child of God, we also have and are the answer.  We are each an eternal soul with all qualities of God, including those specific qualities that are the solution, the answer. 

Unify with these same qualities of God – All God is, I am.  This allows you to know that you have the full answer to the prayer.  Right where this problem seems to be, there God is and there I am.  Unify yourself with the same exact divine qualities that you affirmed as the qualities of God. 

I am Love; I am Divine Order and Timing; I am Wholeness, Respect, Value.  I am infinite Abundance in the form of overflowing joy and creative energy and ability to write wonderfully


C – Claim

We use our divine power of the spoken word to claim in the physical realm of time, space and form, that specific expression of the eternal truth that we choose. 

Claim the specific manifestation, the specific desired outcome – “all this or better, now”.  Since God is the perfect Good, the answer in this situation and you are also that, then set your intention to bring that perfection into the current apparent difficulty. 


H – Healing

We know that if the perfect expression is not already showing up in the realm of time, space and form, that there is something which is blocking the expression.  What is in the subconscious mind, in the constant mind chatter that is opposing the expression of this good. 

We use the divine power of the word, we ask for help from our Higher Self or Divine help from all sources we understand to heal anything that needs to be healed to allow this manifestation. 

Healing prayers to release any specific barrier to manifestation of the prayer.  e.g.  Thought form healing, astral entity healing, forgiveness, intentionally ask for light to heal.  Affirmations asserting all the aspects of the solution, the perfect outcome.      


A – Acceptance

When we are clear that we have healed barriers to the manifestation, we then accept that it is so.  We know that regardless of the appearance, the healing has occurred.

Accept that the healing / manifestation is complete now in consciousness, in universal mind, in reality.  Not in the future, not hope that it is so – bring intent and certainty that since the perfect outcome is true in Spirit and you have set your intention that it is also true in form, then it is so. 


T – Thanksgiving

Give thanks and feel the results of having this manifestation occur.  Greg Braden talks about a shaman who uses this as his full prayer method to “Pray rain”.  He unifies with God and then fully invokes in himself the feeling of gratitude and the feeling of rain. Feel the gratitude and the joy of this fulfilled desire. 

Thanksgiving to God, gratitude, blessing, invoke the powerful feeling of fulfillment, gratitude.  Bring the fulfillment of the prayer into the emotional realm as well as the mental.  Feel as if it has already shown up.  Bring your feeling into alignment with the solution and since ‘like attracts like’ you will draw the physical manifestation to you. 


R – Release

Release the prayer into universal mind.  Letting go allows spiritual power to work. Release the prayer and spend some time relaxing in the silence. 

Don’t dwell on it or think about it, but also you can treat regularly until the prayer manifests.  Each time, you may become more clear on what the manifestation is to ‘look like’ and different things may show up to be healed and cleared out of the way.  Each time, release totally. 


Sit in silence allowing yourself to realize the fulfillment of the prayer – Silence is powerful. 

An Example - A treatment for perfect vision


Title:     This is a treatment for myself, _________, for perfect 20/20 vision or better now. 



I know that God is Love.  God is all-present, all-knowing and all-seeing, all-powerful.  God sees all with the light of unconditional love.  God is perfect clear vision.  God is perfect clarity, acuity, visual power.  God sees the smallest sparrow fall; sees the atoms and quantum particles; sees the truth in all situations times and places; sees the farthest galaxies and the nearest deep secrets of the heart.  There are no limits in God.



I am One with God.  I am Love.  I am One with perfect clear vision of the widest vistas and the smallest details.  I see the truth in all situations, times and places; and I see the farthest galaxies and the nearest deep secrets of the heart.  I see all, and accept all with the light of unconditional love, and with perfect peace and clarity. 



I therefore claim for myself, perfect 20/20 vision or better, now.



I see myself filled with the white healing light of the Holy Spirit.  I see this light increasing the vibrational level of my Spirit body connecting me to my purpose for this lifetime.  I see white light flowing into and through my mental body, healing and releasing all fear, all confusion, all doubt, all disorganization, and all anxiety.  I ask white healing light to enter my subconscious mind and to make me aware of anything that I have not wanted to see.  I now offer my little willingness to see all truth in my life, and to accept the truth – to see what is, and to love what is.  My mind is filled with clarity, focus, awareness.  I am aware fully and clearly of one thing at a time in relaxed, clear and focused thought.  I walk through my day seeing clearly all that is around me with interest, focus, acceptance and love.  Light floods through my emotional body cleansing away all fear and anxiety and filling me with love and joy.  Light floods through my etheric body and my physical body.  My eyes are cleansed in light and they have perfect form and function.  The nerves connected to my eyes, and the muscles around my eyes are washed free of all fatigue, and they have perfect form and function. 



I now accept fully in consciousness my perfect clear 20/20 vision, or better, now. 



Thank you God, for this healing of my vision.  I am filled with peace and serenity and I see clearly and with acceptance and love ‘what is’ in my Life.  I am filled with gratitude for my vision and with wonder at the beauty of the world all around me.  I feel joy in seeing near and far details as I walk in nature; in looking into the eyes of those I love; in reading with clarity and comfort; in seeing clearly across a room.  Thank you God. 



I now release this treatment and I release my vision fully into the heart of God, in trust and joy.  I know that my vision is perfect and clear and so it is. 


Sit in silence and know that this is the truth.  Let it sink in, imagine walking and seeing small details clearly and easily, imagine driving and seeing clearly and easily.  Feel gratitude and happiness for the blessing of sight. 

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