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Tapping in a Nutshell 

You identify quite specifically a feeling or pain that you would like to release or shift.  You might identify a physical pain – for example stiffness and pain in your neck.  You might identify stress or anxiety related to difficult situations you are facing.  You might identify a fear of some specific thing, such as a fear of spiders, or of going on an airplane. 


The process includes finding and tuning into a problem; tapping to release held energy; and checking to see if distress or pain is reduced, or changed, and repeat the process to address remaining issue.   

1) Identify and tune in to the problematic issue or pain you wish to address.

This could be a physical pain, upset at a situation, or a Be as specific as possible.  
Note your starting intensity (0-10)

 2) The Set-Up.

While tapping on the Karate Chop Point, repeat the following three times out loud, stating your physical or emotional pain as specifically as possible:

Even though I feel this ( insert your issue here ), I deeply and completely accept myself.

 3) The Sequence:

First, tap about 7 times on each of the accupoints in the graphic at the right (either side of the body), while stating your issue (the "reminder phrase"):     This (your issue here).

 4) Take a deep breath from your stomach to the top of your head!  

Hold for 3 seconds.   Exhale.

 5) Note your ending intensity (0-10):

If this is not a zero, repeat the steps above for the remaining discomfort.  If it is below 3, add your choice for a more positive feeling or belief. 

Even though I still have some of this (your issue here), I deeply and completely accept myself and I choose to (your positive feeling or affirmation) instead.

 6) Perform a further round of EFT

alternating the negative issue (remaining issue here) and the positive choice as you tap again the accupoints.

 7) Repeat until your intensity level is 0.

You can use this tapping process on your own for in-the-moment physical or emotional pain 
Tapping Pic.jpg

EFT can be used at different levels



Tapping on meridian points is simple to teach and learn. It is a self-administered calming and can be applied by people of all ages to bring relief to a current experience of pain or distress.  EFT is great self-care and first aid. 




For deeper relief, you can become more specific about your emotional of physical pain.  You can try asking yourself “what was going on when the problem started?” or “if there were an emotional cause for this what might it be?”  It can bring more specific and deeper change and clearing of the stress response.  Pre-written scripts or YouTube videos can be helpful and can be found online. 

Check out Brad Yates youtube videos on many topics to find one which resonates.




Working with your specific situation in the here-and-now and its root cause will bring the deepest release.  Sometimes it helps to work with a qualified practitioner to find and release specific root causes, memories and contributing feelings underlying suffering. Aspects of an issue can include physical tension or sensations, thoughts and emotions.  A session includes exploration to find specific events and memories that are related to your issue, and tapping to release held energy gently and thoroughly. Deep and long-lasting changes can be accomplished safely, effectively, and without pain.

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