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Spiritual Direction 

Psychotherapy is about looking back and looking within to find and release barriers to our expression.  In Spiritual Direction, we can explore within, connect to Spirit, and use our intention to energize what we wish to express. 

A large part of my spiritual path has been affirmative prayer, meditation and connecting to ones’ own spiritual guides and angels and facilitating others in making that connection, through training in the Teachings of Intuitional Metaphysics.

Affirmative Prayer 

We are meant as a spiritual being to live in a flow of having our needs met, and of growing and expressing creatively.   We are on this planet to express and grow and we have God-given desires whether that is for experiences or things, improved relationships or something we feel drawn to accomplish or create.  And for most of us in this world of duality, the expression of these may not easily show up.  We may even understand through many teachings, that as a spiritual being, our thoughts and feelings create the circumstances in our lives.  We have all heard about setting intentions and using affirmations to energize our thoughts and intentions. 

New thought teachings have given a process and formula for affirmative prayer.  In this process we become clear on your prayer desire in a specific, positive, here-and-now statement.  We then affirm and recognize that God, the divine has all the qualities and power that is the answer to this prayer, unify as a divine child of God with those qualities, claim the prayer desire, do healing prayers for what may be standing in the way, and accept the good.  We will then spend some time feeling the outcome in silence and gratitude.    

See the process of affirmative prayer described in more detail. 

In an affirmative prayer session, we can together clarify these elements for you and then join together in setting this intention. 

Spiritual Direction live online


Burlington, Ontario
Tel: 647-923-2770

If this speaks to you and you would like to explore it further, ask questions or discuss, I would be pleased to have a free half hour phone call.  

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Connect to Spirit

For those on a Spiritual path wishing to increase awareness of the ‘still small voice within’, and of the spiritual level of their being, we can work together to make the connection to your own divine level of being, or divine help in the way that you understand it. 

A large part of my spiritual path has been affirmative prayer, meditation and connecting to ones’ own spiritual guides and angels and facilitating others in making that connection, through training in the Teachings of Intuitional Metaphysics.  

We will learn about mental, emotional, spiritual levels of being, and invoking light for healing and protection. Each person will be helped to connect with your own personal spiritual guide, who may be an angel, divine being, or ascended master who you already feel a connection with. You will become familiar with a perceptual signal for the presence of your spiritual guide, receive a communication.  Additionally, we may establish a signal for a “yes” and “no” answer to questions you may ask in your own meditations.

You will be asked to commit to at least two sessions and consider a third session.  In a first session, we will discuss the levels of being, the meditation process and prayers for clearing and protection, and what to expect in the connection session.  In the second session we will do the meditation process to establish the connection with spirit.  In a third session, we can again connect and ask to receive a signal for ‘yes’ and for ‘no’.


Exploring within using Hypnosis / Meditative Process

In Spiritual direction we can use the meditative process or hypnosis to connect more directly with deeper and higher levels of being.  This is different than its use as part of psychotherapy, and there we may go within using a hypnosis process to become more aware of the patterns and inner self / levels of being. 

In the hypnosis process we do not plant suggestions or control, but the intention is to understand your experience from a wider perspective without the left-brain interpretation, and to make a connection to the power and joy and resources of your higher self and of the universe that is accessible from this place. 

If you would like to explore your soul’s journey and gain insight into your own being beyond this lifetime, this can be done using the hypnosis to access past lives.  We are born not as a blank slate but as a whole soul with wisdom and wounding from many lives.  These past experiences (successes, mistakes, wounding, vows) can hold an energetic charge that moves with you from life to life.  In this life, these energies form part of who you are, how you react to what is happening here and now.  This can help explain why you just felt attracted to certain activities, or people or why there are some situations that seem so much more difficult than they should be.  Becoming aware of these is in itself healing and allows you to live in the here-and-now. 

If there are any energetic or emotional experiences that don’t have a clear origin in your own life experiences, then hypnosis can help to discover and release these

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